'Pokemon' game news: No more 'Pokemon Z'?


There is bad news for fans of “Pokemon” games as the earlier speculated “Pokemon Z” may not be released this year if rumors are to be believed. The good news, though, is that “Pokemon” players can still lay their hands on new “Pokemon” games via the recently announced “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon.”

Yibada reports though that this may not necessarily mean that “Pokemon Z” will just vanish into thin air, citing a YouTube video wherein a certain “dookieshed” says that its release date may have just been bumped to give way to “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” destroying the alphabet sequence of the release of Pokemon games. “Dookieshed” also pins his hope on a vague statement from Nintendo saying, “it all comes in 2016.”

Furthermore, the website speculates that certain elements in “Pokemon Z” may be incorporated to the “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” games. These rumored elements of “Pokemon Z” that will be introduced in the “Sun” and “Moon” games are multiple Zygarde forms and the new Legendary Pokemon—Volcanion and Magearna.

Christian Today claims that there were earlier reports of multiple forms of Zygarde to be included in “Pokemon Z,” and that they will be the major Legendary Pokemon in the game. However, the news website notes that, in the event that those elements will be included in “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon,” they will just end up as a mere Legendary collectibles.

For the avid fans of the “Pokemon” games, though, the speculation that “Pokemon Z” is being replaced by “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” should not come as a surprise at all. It has been noted that the game developer behind the “Pokemon” games has not come up with a third game that should serve as a follow-up to the main “Pokemon” line of games since the release of “Pokemon Platinum,” adding that all successful games don’t have a third version.