‘Pokemon Crystal’ set to arrive to Nintendo 3DS next month

Pokemon Crystal
“Pokemon Crystal” will arrive to Nintendo 3DS next month. (YouTube/Nintendo)

After the re-release of “Pokemon Gold” and “Pokemon Silver” to the 3DS console earlier this year, Nintendo has announced that the third Generation II Pokemon role-playing game, “Pokemon Crystal,” will be released for the handheld console next month.

“Pokemon Crystal” will be arriving to the 3DS Eshop on January 26, and it will cost $10. There will also be a limited release for the physical version of the game, which will be available in Europe and Japan. The physical release comes in the form of a replica Game Boy Color box, which contains a download code for the game.

With the news, Nintendo released a short announcement video for the beloved classic game, where it mentioned additional details for the game.

Once the game arrives to the 3DS, it will support battling and trading over local wireless networks, and it would also be compatible with Pokemon Bank. This will allow players to use Pokemon obtained in the game in newer Pokemon titles.

“Pokemon Crystal” is an expanded version of the acclaimed duo of “Gold” and “Silver” and includes the same storyline, but it comes with special additions like a subplot about the legendary beast Suicune.

The game was first released back in 2000 and broke new grounds for the video game franchise by being the first to allow players to choose between a male and a female character as their in-game avatar. “Pokemon Crystal” was also the first title in the game series to feature animation in Pokemon battles.

“Pokemon Crystal” also adds a legendary Pokemon that is not available in either “Gold” or “Silver” version, Celebi. The re-released 3DS version of the game will allow players to encounter the rare mythical Pokemon during an event after completing the game. In the original version of the game, Celebi was only available to players with the GS Ball, an item that was only distributed legally in Japan.