PlayStation 5 rumors: New console upgrades technology; 'GTA 6' may be the first title on PS5


Rumors have been circulating online that the upcoming new generation console from Sony, the PlayStation 5, will be coming sooner than expected.

Earlier speculated to come in 2020, there are some buzz that the new console may be announced as early as 2017 and may already be in the market in 2018.

Once launched, PlayStation 5 is expected to have an overall enhancement on both its exterior look and interior hardware. PlayStation 5 is anticipated to be upgraded to cater to 4K resolution as well as have smoother compatibility with Sony’s virtual reality device, the PlayStation VR.

The upcoming console may also do away with disc drives and convert its platform to a cloud-based storage. To keep up with all of the expected changes in its interior, PlayStation 5 is expected to run on a new and more powerful Sony chipset, which is anticipated to be at least five times faster than the one in the PlayStation 4.

As for its external looks, the new platform is said to come in a thinner and sleeker design. However, with all the anticipated improvements, PlayStation 5 may be the last console in its series, according to Day Herald, as the company may look into a more advanced technology that will further enhance people’s gaming experience.

Meanwhile, N4BB believes that PlayStation 5 will still be introduced in the market in November 2020, along with the one of the most anticipated games, “GTA 6,” as the first title to be released along with it. This should still be taken with a grain of salt as Rockstar, the game’s developer, has not released its official word regarding the release date of ‘GTA 6.’ Nonetheless, there are possibilities since predictions for the said title also point to a 2018 as the earliest possible release, with a more likely launch at 2020.

Aside from Sony, Microsoft is also working on a new console to compete with PlayStation 5, called the Xbox Two. Similar to Sony’s upcoming gaming device, Xbox Two is also expected to upgrade its hardware, graphics, and looks.