PlayStation 5 release date could be in 2020; may feature 4k resolution, VR support


Rumors have it that Sony may be looking for developers for their highly anticipated next-in-line gaming console, PlayStation 5.

Reports claims that there was an apparent listing by the company for a senior game programmer for an unnamed project. What added to the speculation is the job description allegedly stating that Sony is seeking out someone who is passionate about gaming and can help them in their next generation gaming system. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

It has been two years since the PlayStation 4 was released to the consumers and based on the company’s timeline, it is predicted that they may have a new one available by 2020.

When it comes to the specifications, some speculations suggest that the device may become a streaming console with support for cloud storage. This may result to the probable elimination of a CD Drive and a smaller body.

Meanwhile, the new generation chipset customized by AMD is also deemed to become up to five times faster than the one currently being used in the PS4. Aside from the rate of response and performance boost, it is also believed that the PS5 may deliver more power to be in line with the new possible format of game titles which may feature 4k resolution and even virtual reality gaming. The two formats of gaming are deemed to be the next trend to kick off in the industry.

There are also hearsays pointing to the console being launched together with virtual reality glasses from the company dubbed as “Project Morpheus.” It may be combined with the PS5 to be used as an additional main controller to make maneuvering easier.

Sony has yet to release any official statement regarding the gaming console.