PlayStation VR compatible with PS4 games


After the long wait, Sony has finally announced its virtual reality headset, which is expected to give users a whole new gaming experience.

The PlayStation VR promises players new gaming experience where they can “live the game” as it will create a virtual environment that immerses them in the actual game through the headset. The upcoming headset carries an OLED screen that is expected to give a 120Hz and 360-degree viewing angle and true 3D audio. Aside from this, its cinematic mode projects the PlayStation 4 games in a “large screen.”

To further make the experience better, all the titles available for the PlayStation 4 console is compatible with the said headset by just plugging the devices together. PlayStation 4 videos are also playable through the said device, as well as other functionalities of the said console such as Share Play.

Prior to the launch of the device, executive vice president of PlayStation Masayasu Ito already revealed in an interview with Polygon that although its competitor, Oculus Rift, may have a better virtual reality quality, the PlayStation VR is easier and more accessible to use, especially for those who already own the console. Ito likewise highlighted how the headset is compatible with the platform and will not require a personal computer that have high-end specifications.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Lifestyle has put up a poll to invite people to vote on their purchase decision regarding the device. Of the respondents as of writing, 22 percent admitted that they already have placed their orders. On the other hand, 42 percent said that they will still wait until closer to the release date before ordering, while 32 percent preferred to wait until after its launch before they purchase their headset. Around three percent who answered revealed that they are not interested in buying a PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR will be available in the market in October, but fans may already pre-order the device starting Mar. 22. Cost-wise, the device is expected to retail at around $399.