PlayStation VR news: Sony takes on virtual reality giants with new VR device


Developing virtual reality devices is not really a new concept as it has already been made by other tech companies such as the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus VR, and HTC Vive. Still, tech giant Sony is trying to be as flawless as possible on their first dive in the virtual reality realm with the PlayStation VR.

The Japanese tech conglomerate corporation has been mum about the new device only giving it as much as a confirmation back in March. However, Sony went all out when they finally gave details for the upcoming Playstation VR during the Paris Games Week.

In an interview with Bloomberg during the Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Andrew House said that the VR will be priced somewhere around the same as a new gaming platform. And while it has not yet been specified, broke down House’s statement and compared it to the prices of past and present PlayStation consoles, which range from $500 to $700. A hefty amount for a gaming device, but it is a bargain if players will compare it to the said price of the Oculus Rift which will allegedly be retailed at $1500 including a computer.

In the prototype which was displayed in the recent G-Star 2015 global game show, the Playstation VR gave gamers new and wonderful experiences. A head-mounted virtual reality display was connected to a Playstation VR console. Then, actions were controlled through “PlayStation Move,” which is a motion recognizing device. Although Sony originally planned to have a bone conduction headphone incorporated in the headband, the sample model did not have the said headphone. It was so players could choose how they would want to listen to the sounds of the game. 

In a separate report by Playstation Lifestyle, Industry Analyst Michael Patcher believes that the new Playstation VR will be a smash hit as it uses PlayStation 4 hardware and install base.