PlayStation VR price news: 'Volume: Coda' expansion pack to come first on the PlayStation VR


The well received indie stealth game Volume will be having an expansion pack, and it will come first to the new PlayStation VR. The expansion will be called Volume: Coda.

In his post on the PlayStation Blog, Volume developer Mike Bithell revealed that the first upcoming expansion to the hit PS4 game will first be experienced for the PlayStation VR. The expansion will be free, and players can also play the entire main Volume game as it will also be available for the VR headset once it launches.

“Volume: Coda picks up after the events of the core game,” Bithell said. “I’ll avoid spoilers here, but you’ll play as a new character, brought in as a last resort by the villains hurt most by Locksley’s revolution. The new campaign features 30 new levels, a new cast of voice actors adding new characters to the story, and a new VR setting as players take on the role of The Troubleshooter.”

Bithell also announced that the PS Vita version of Volume is still on progress, but will remain a cross buy game for PS4 players.

In a previous interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida at the Tokyo Game Show revealed that there are already a number of games under development for the PlayStation VR, and that “almost all” Japanese developers have a VR title in the works right now.

“Of course, we know exactly what we are developing, and we are developing a variety of titles,” he said. “Many, we have not disclosed as yet. In showing games from different studios, there are games for core gamers for VR. We could show more from first party, but luckily, third party is very active now, and I’m very happy to see that almost all Japanese publishers are working on VR versions of their IPs like Final Fantasy XIV and Danganronpa and Hatsune Miku.”

He also called on smaller scale developers to start developing games for the PlayStation VR.

“So, from now to launch, we still have lots of time and I’m encouraging small developers that even if you start now, with the right idea, you can get the game done for the launch of PlayStation VR,” he added. “Some developers are reacting to that. I have a very optimistic view of the variety of games and experiences available at launch.”

The PlayStation VR headset will be coming on an as yet unspecified date on 2016.