PlayStation VR release date: Sony shares guide for using headset


Sony has prepared a detailed guide for those who are planning to purchase the upcoming and much awaited virtual reality (VR) headset from the company, the new PlayStation VR.

Sony’s guide includes age restrictions, usage guidelines, things that would be needed to fully enjoy the experience that would be brought about by the device, and several other important things to know for people who have their eyes set on the upcoming VR headset.

First of all, users of the PlayStation VR headset must be at least 12 years old. Sony strongly discourages future owners from letting children younger than 12 to use the device as complications and problems may arise.

Basic equipment that is needed to make use of the PlayStation VR headset includes a PlayStation 4 system, as well as a PlayStation camera. Optional accessories include the PlayStation Move motion controller, as some VR games might need the use of the controller for some in-game aspects.

Contrary to the common impression one might be getting from using such technology, Sony recommends the use of the PlayStation VR headset while sitting down in an open space of at least 60 square feet. Height of the play area must also be considered, as it would be the same height of area that would be captured by the PlayStation Camera.

Also, before buying the device, Sony strongly advises users to try give the headset a test run first. Since 3D VR technology is something new for most of the gamers, people’s reaction to the immersive virtual world will vary. For people wearing glasses, on the other hand, Sony said that the headset is still usable. But still, the reaction to the experience may vary from person-to-person.

The PlayStation VR will be launched in October, with a number of game titles for the headset also coming with it on launch day.