PlayStation VR news: Sony says virtual reality's 'time has come'


The world of gaming will reach another historic point with the rise of virtual reality, as major developing companies have already released or are going to release their own virtual reality headsets. One of the major players is Sony, with their much awaited offering that is the PlayStation VR headset.

In the latest PlayStation Blogcast session, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Shawn Layden discussed the long overdue coming of virtual reality to the world of gaming, as well as teasing what can be expected from Sony’s presentation for the PlayStation VR for the upcoming Game Developers Conference, which is set for tomorrow, March 15.

According to Layden, the coming of virtual reality to gaming is something that had been there for a long time but is only awaiting its right moment to become fully realized.

“It’s a perfect storm now for VR technology,” the company executive said. “It’s a concept that’s been kicking around for quite some time. Some of us remember Virtual Boy way back in the day and a lot of different companies have had a go at virtual reality technology.”

However, back in those years, developers did not have enough technology to fully realize what virtual reality gaming has to offer. But with today’s display and processing technologies, as well as the appropriate design and production technology, virtual reality had finally found its way to people.

“I think right now we have a combination of the necessary processing power and graphics power inside the machine,” Layden added. “We have the display technology which can realize these images at a fidelity which looks natural, if you will. And we have the production technology to create a headset and a rig that is well-suited for the human head that won’t create a tiresome experience.”

“I think now is the time for VR; its time has come.”

While Sony has yet to reveal what can be expected from their presentation for the GDC event on the 15<sup>th, it is highly expected that the company will finally reveal the official pricing details as well as the release date for their VR headset.