PlayStation update 3.00 coming September 30; major enhancements to UI and social networking capabilities


Starting September 30, owners of PlayStation 4 consoles will be able to download the 3.00 system software update.

According to the blog post of SCEA’s Vice President of Platforms Marketing John Koller, the update will bring various changes to the gaming console from UI enhancements to new features. Sharing content through social networking sites is the main focus of the update, which was given the name Kenshin.

Twitter support is now available, and players can directly share their video clips to the website. From the Upload Video Clip menu, clips with maximum length of 10 seconds can be uploaded to Twitter. If the videos are too long, users will have the option to trim them.

Aside from Twitter, those who want to broadcast their games live on YouTube will be able to do so after installing the update. After hitting the Share button, the Broadcast Gameplay Screen can be accessed.

Choosing a higher quality format for screenshots is also possible now. Gamers can choose PNG instead of JPEG by accessing Image Format through the Screenshot Settings option under Share.

From the home screen, PS4 users can check all the events happening in the games that they play. Called Events, the hub will give an overview of the in-game activities that gamers can participate in.

Favorite Groups and Messages have also been revamped. People included in groups will be able to see the status updates and games being played by the other gamers in the same favorite group. When chatting with friends, users can finally send stickers aside from emojis. The stickers are from “Little Big Planet,” “Resogun,” and others. Moreover, forming communities is an option now for those who share the same interests.

Koller further states, “We’re constantly striving to make PS4 even better, and appreciate all the feedback! We will continue to make PS4 the best place to play.”

Those who want to give their feedback can visit the PlayStation.Blog Share.