PlayStation Plus members have until August 24 to vote on September's free PS4 game


Members of Playstation Plus may be delighted to find out that the company is allowing its supporters to participate in a “Vote to Play” campaign that gives them the freedom to vote on the next month’s free Playstation 4 game.

Their official announcement reads, “Today, we’re pleased to announce the games that will be part of Vote to Play our special promotion that enables PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of three PlayStation 4 games for next month’s PS Plus game lineup. All three of these games would be a great addition to our lineup, and we want to put the choice in your hands when voting begins on Thursday, August 13th.”

The three games players can choose from are: Armello, Grow Home and Zombie Vikings by developers League of Geeks, Ubisoft Reflections and Zoink, respectively.

Armello is described as a role-playing game that has the tactical features of a board game made into live and more exciting version. In Grow Home, the player gets to control BUD, which stands for Botanical Utility Droid, to complete the quest of searching for Star Plant and save his own planet. Zombie Vikings on the other hand is a cooperative play that follows previous iterations from the same creator called “Stick It to The Man!”

Supporters can access of the promotion by signing in their PSN accounts. They either have to click on “What’s New” and then “Notifications” or check the PS Plus section at the Playstation Store.

The voting period closes on August 24, with the final results being disclosed right after. The game which has the most numbers will be free for PS Plus lineup while the other two can be gotten at a discount for those who take part.

Polygon reports that according to Chris Howe, the Content Manager of PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the promo will not be a monthly offering but will take place at regular intervals throughout the year.