PlayStation Plus free games for July 2016: 'Dragon Ball Xenoverse,' 'Watch Dogs' on fans' wish list


A lot of fans are excited for the games that will be made free for PlayStation Plus members. The month of June offered a pretty good set of titles and the community of PlayStation Plus members are now wondering what games will be included in the list for July.

PlayStation Plus offered games like “Gone Home,” “Siren: Blood Curse,” and “God of War: Chain of Olympus” last month and they were titles that had a good reception from the gaming community. “NBA 2K16” was included in this month’s list.

With only a few days left until July, there are already some predictions that are being released. Initially, one of the games that was thought to be included for July was “Kill Strain.” However, it was announced that the game is actually a free game that will be launched on July 19. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have an advantage since they can already start playing “Kill Strain” on July 12.

Over at the PlayStation Forums, a user that goes by the alias “terminatorx0606” predicted that one of the games that will be released is “Dragon Ball Xenoverse.” It is actually a great title to be made free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but a lot of fans think that it is still too early for it to be part of the list. There may be a small chance that it will be included since a follow-up for the game will soon be released.

Other games in the list of predictions include “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Killzone Shadow Fall.” The people over at Reddit have also predicted that “Watch Dogs” will be included as well.

The list of games are unconfirmed and the official lineup of games that would be released for the month of July will be confirmed when PlayStation makes the announcement.