PlayStation Plus April updates: Only 'Dead Star' confirmed, prediction include 'Resident Evil 4'


PlayStation Plus subscribers are still waiting for the official announcement from Sony as to which games will be available for free in April. As of writing, only one title has been confirmed after a buyer purchased the game and received a refund early this month.

A player named BLAMdrew pre-ordered “Dead Star,” an action shooter game on PlayStation 4, but received a refund, along with the notice that the title will be offered for free next month for PlayStation Plus members. As a bonus, he gets to keep the free theme of the said title.

Gamespot reached out to Sony to confirm the information, with the latter giving an affirmative note, “Yes, ‘Dead Star’ will be added to the April free games lineup for PlayStation Plus members.”

However, the company did not reveal other titles but advised members to wait as they announce the rest of the games included in the roster next month, “Stay tuned for our announcement on the full April free games lineup for Plus members later this month.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has already announced the games that will be available for free download for its Xbox Live with Gold members. It includes “The Wolf Among Us,” “Sunset Overdrive,” Dead Space,” and “Saints Row IV,” which are blockbuster titles. Add to this the console’s Backwards Compatibility feature, owners of the competitor platform are generally pleased with what they will be getting in April. With this, Sony is expected to offer triple A titles next month and perhaps ongoing, as opposed to its usual offering of Indie titles.

While waiting, there are also predictions for the different PlayStation consoles, indicated in its community. The forecast includes “A Day One Indie” and “Shovel Knight” for the new generation platform, “Watch Dogs” and “Resident Evil” for PlayStation 3, and “Persona 4 Golden” and another Indie title for PlayStation Vita.

The company is expected to announce its roster soon.