PlayStation free games for January rumors include "Batman: Arkham Origins" and even "Dark Souls 2"


Sony treats their fans in a really good way as the tech company usually releases a list of free games for PlayStation Plus users every month. Because of this, hardcore PlayStation users would usually wonder what games Sony will offer in the upcoming months.

December is almost over, and free games for the month have long been released and enjoyed. Now, fans are already looking forward to next month’s list of free games having their hopes high that the people behind the popular gaming console would come up with something big to open up the new year.

According to PlayStation US community forums, it looks like January will have even bigger and better titles for the PS3 and PS4. Speculations suggested that “Batman: Arkham Origins” and even “Dark Souls 2” might be made available for PlayStation 3 and “Borderlands” and “Borderlands 2” may be made free for PS Vita and PS3 again.

However, because of past releases, some people are being pessimistic about the upcoming free games. Some PlayStation Plus subscribers believe that except for one or two good games, Sony would be releasing a bunch of “indie” and somewhat unknown games that people have already ignored before.

Meanwhile, rumors about the next iteration of the PlayStation console have been popping up. In a report by Crossmap, the PlayStation 5 might hit the shelves sometime in 2020. Furthermore, the hard disks might be removed from the device. These news have come to light after Sony published a job order regarding a developer who can put up a next generation console as reported by website Attack of the Fanboy.