PlayStation NEO release date: Sony dished out invitations for its 'PlayStation Meeting' event


Since it was hinted at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation NEO, also known as the PlayStation 4.5, has become one of the much-hyped gaming platforms to date. According to reports, the company is already prepping to launch the said console come Sept. 7.

In fact, Sony has already given away invitations to some of the well-known media outlets for an upcoming event that will be held in New York. Having said this, most of the recipients already presumed that the event is intended for the company’s rumored console. With the name of the event dubbed as the “PlayStation Meeting,” it further strengthens rumors that it is indeed for Sony’s PlayStation NEO.

The word on the street is that the PlayStation NEO will be a compact gaming platform which will have more power and will be even faster than the current PlayStation 4. Moreover, since virtual reality (VR) is the emerging fad among new and upcoming titles, not to mention that Sony has recently released it very own VR headset known as the PlayStation VR, there is a high probability that the yet to be announced console will support VR games.

Aside from its VR support feature, the game platform may also don 4K capabilities which is one of the attributes that most players are looking forward to. Furthermore, the console will also boast of faster connectivity on the web so players need not worry about lags, connection issues, and whatnot.

It was previously reported that confidential documents were leaked online about the upcoming console’s specs. The documents state that titles that will be rolled out this fall will be supported by both the PlayStation NEO and the current PlayStation 4.

As for the PlayStation NEO’s price, Sony has yet to comment on how much the console will cost. There are some speculations though that it might go up against Xbox One S’ price range of $250.