PlayStation 5 release date, news: Analyst says PS5 may come out in 2018


It’s been over a month since Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) and before gamers can settle down and go back to their seats, rumors saying that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is in the works have already started popping up all over the internet. Yes, that’s right. The PS4 Pro hasn’t hit the market yet but the rumor mill has already shifted to PS5. This just goes to show that the rumor mill is a fickle lover. Off with the old, on with the new.

All right, on to business. Talk about the PS5 started gaining speed when The Wall Street Journal’s technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki made a post on Twitter saying that Macquarie Group analyst Damian Thong stated that the PS5 might come out in the second half of 2018.

Sounds like Thong is the Nostradamus of the gaming industry since he managed to predicted that Sony was going to roll out the PS4 Slim and Pro.

According to Segment Next, SIE’s Head of Global Sales and Marketing Jim Ryan reportedly said that the success of the PS4 Pro would raise expectations for the PS5. Several publications have also picked up the news. The original source of the report actually comes from the German publication GameFront.

By translating the German text to English, readers will notice that Ryan did not say anything like that. His honest to goodness answer to questions regarding the PS5 is, “I do not know,” which makes sense by the way since they were busy promoting the PS4 Pro, not the PS5.

Yes, the PS5 is definitely coming. It’s only logical that Sony would want to upgrade their flagship console. So as long as there is a demand, Sony will continue developing PlayStation consoles until people grow tired of it. Meanwhile, Microsoft is going to release their Xbox Project Scorpio next year, so Sony will have to come up with something better than the PS4 Pro sooner than later. Is that going to be the PS5? Only time will tell.