PlayStation 5 release date, rumors: No official word yet, revamped PS4 is more likely


Sony’s PlayStation 5 (or PS5), a much awaited console-based video gaming platform in the PlayStation series, is, as yet, a rumored successor to the tested PlayStation 4. There has been no official announcement of a PS5 release date from Sony, so PlayStation enthusiasts may not expect it any time soon. But from certain trends in the release history of PS versions and quite a bit of reading between the lines, devotees of the PlayStation gaming console are trying to piece together a fair idea of what’s to come and when it is to come. 

The PS4 was launched 2013, seven years after the PlayStation 3 came out in 2006. The PlayStation 2 was launched six, almost seven, years before that, in the year 2000. The first PlayStation console, the PS1, was out in 1994, some five years, give or take, before PS2 came out. 

Based on this history cycle for launching new products, PS enthusiasts predict Sony to release the PlayStation 5 sometime in November 2020 or earlier, as clues on shorter console cycles were hinted at during an AMD presentation, AMD being the PC hardware creator that made the processor for the PS4. This is in no way to be considered an official release date, but it coincides with other PS console game lovers’ estimates. 

Game consoles are long-life cycle products, but Sony is speculated to be working at making the timeframes between launches shorter.

To quote Devinder Kumar, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AMD, in a BGR report: The life cycle of the products are probably going to be shorter. Our customers are already thinking about what comes next. These are long life cycle products and as you know in the semi-custom space, you start with three years before you introduce a product, a decision is made to use a particular company. In this case it was AMD …” 

When the PlayStation 4 came out in 2013, powered by an AMD processor, it reportedly made 250,000 console sales in just two days of its launch and thus became the best-selling game console that time. Its resounding success upon its release and the specs it packed have brought console gamers to the edge of speculation, with greater expectation from what is considered the future of console gaming possibilities. The PS4 is a game set so powerful that it has set a high standard for what should follow in terms of gaming satisfaction from the PS5, which, it would be safe to say, may also be powered by AMD. 

The announcement of Microsoft’s release of a new Xbox One has got gamers wondering whether Sony will be doing its own unveiling  that of an upgraded PS4 version that console gamers will possibly get a chance to try out, with new technology that could be developed for the PS5. While the anticipation remains high, gamers understand that time is essential in developing a better and edgier gaming experience. The PS5 launch will just have to go through the usual wait. 

Since the first of the PS series came out 20 years ago, it has evolved to become the most popular gaming platform for action and adventure and role-playing games, each new version responding to the changing tides of video gaming and the demands of console gaming die-hards.