PlayStation 4 Pro release date, news: Console to compete with PC?


Sony previously announced the fruition of PlayStation 4’s revamped variant dubbed the PlayStation 4 Pro. The upcoming game platform’s premise is to bring players a notch closer to the titles that they’re playing through improved graphics and streamlined gameplay. Though it’s quite way off, game gurus tally on the thought that shots might have been fired towards Microsoft’s next-generation console that bears the working title Project Scorpio.

This theory was later on drenched by Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House as he mentioned that their upcoming game platform is not setting its crosshairs on Microsoft’s so-called “most powerful game console.” Instead, House explained that the PlayStation 4 Pro is built to go up against the PC.

The Sony executive went on to say that they noticed a trend among players who own an outmoded bound game platform that they tend to turn their heads to the PC as soon as their game platform reaches its midlife. Console owners are pretty much aware of the fact that companies such as Sony and Microsoft have this whim of setting their game machines’ lifespan to at least 10 years or so before releasing newer ones. Hence, Sony claims that such move will prevent gamers from veering away from their consoles and eventually resort to the PC.

Some game enthusiasts, on the other hand, are saying that the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro will not stand a chance against the PC specs and graphics wise, not to mention that the latter can be customized to the user’s preference.

Meanwhile, the upcoming console promises to have 4K support and a roster of games are already lined up to be released on the forthcoming platform. As per the PlayStation website, titles such as “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” “Watch Dogs 2,” “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” and “Horizon Zero Dawn” are all geared up to be featured on the PlayStation 4 Pro.