PlayStation 4 jailbreak: Hacker uses Kernel exploit to 'jailbreak' PS4; Sony to address vulnerabilities in future versions of firmware


A hacker known by the alias CTurt announced that PlayStation 4 owners can perform a Kernel exploit on their consoles to jailbreak the system.

According to a report by Tech Times, the hacker posted that he was able to jailbreak his console using the exploit, and it has allowed him to use applications not allowed to be installed on the device by the manufacturer.

“Just broke WebKit process out of a free BSD jail (cred ->cr_prison=&prison0). Guess you could say that PS4 is now officially “jailbroken: :P,” CTurt tweeted as posted by Tech Times.

The kernel exploit reportedly successfully injected an external code into the system that allowed it to take control of the hardware. 

The Kernel exploit, however, will not b applicable to all the Playstation 4 consoles as it can only be used on the 1.76 version. The hacker claimed that the jailbreak allows gamers to maximize the use of their consoles.

As a result, Sony is expected to take legal action against those who will try to modify the console’s firmware and hold them responsible for illegally tweaking the system.

According to a report by The Hacker news, the jailbreak functions by dumping the system RAM and installing a firmware that can be used to run homebrew apps that have not been cleared for the PS4 by Sony.

Looking at the large scale implications of the jailbreak, this means that the system could open a window for homebrew apps and custom firmware to be used on the console.

The report said that Sony will definitely be unhappy with the jailbreak as it opens the doors for gaming piracy that could cause a negative impact on the gaming industry.

It is said that Sony will definitely be doubling its efforts to address vulnerabilities in the following versions of the PS4 firmware.