'Pitch Perfect 3' release date moved yet again; Elizabeth Banks won't be directing the sequel


Universal Pictures has decided to move the film “Pitch Perfect 3’s” premiere date once again. The film was supposed to have a July 17 release date, but it was moved to a late December 2017 play date.

The reason behind the said bump from a summer slate to a late December showing was scheduling and counter-programming. Universal Pictures believes that there will be so many movies lined up for a summer release. The studio also believes that “Pitch Perfect 3” will serve a good choice for moviegoers during the holidays who would prefer watching other films aside from “Star Wars: Rogue One,” which also has a holiday showing.

Having said that, aside from “Star Wars: Rogue One,” “Pitch Perfect 3” will go up against other films also slated for a December release. These include DreamWork’s “The Croods 2;” FOX, Weinstein and Dimension’s “The Six Billion Dollar Man;” and an untitled film feature from Warner Brothers.

Another reason for the movie’s delay is to give way to another Universal Pictures film, “Girl Trip,” which was directed by Malcolm Lee. It is set to air on the original release date of “Pitch Perfect 3.”

“Girl Trip’s” story will center on four friends who will discover each other’s wild side, relive old friendships, and party at the same time while they are on their way to the annual Essence Festival.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed last Friday that Elizabeth Banks bowed out of being “Pitch Perfect 3’s” director.

The announcement was at the Producer’s Guild of America’s annual Produced By Conference at the Sony Lot in Culver City, California last Saturday. Banks said, “We feel obligated to put out the best movie, and anyone who has done sequels, this third one is hard to figure out what the story is. We want to give the audience what it wants but not making it repetitive.” She added, “We have been in development and it took longer than we thought, and I needed to shoot another movie in the summer. If we pushed into fall it bumped up against my parental responsibilities, which made me feel uncomfortable.”