'Pitch Perfect 3' news: Elizabeth Banks returns to direct new Barden Bellas film


It’s an “aca-mazing” thing to have Elizabeth Banks once more in another directorial role for the next “Pitch Perfect” film, soon after the successs of the second installment in the film franchise.  

Familiar faces Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow will also be back on board for this next installment of Barden Bellas’ fight to stay on top of the competitive a capella world. Not to be left out, screenwriter Kaye Cannon is also staying on for this upcoming sequel, after having written the first two films. Banks and husband Max Handelman, as well as Paul Brooks, will be producing.

Banks’ “Pitch Perfect 2” earned $69 million just on its first weekend, the highest-ever domestic opening for a directorial debut, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She had set the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend for a first-time director, not an easy one to beat. The $29-million film went on to gross $285.2 million in the box office, beating “Mad Max,” that needed six times the budget to produce. 

In an interview with Katie Couric of Yahoo!, Banks revealed why she doesn’t take for granted being a female director in a male-dominated directing world, considering it’s a really “small list of women who get to direct.” 

Having to be the face behind the camera once more, she perceives the need for more women in Hollywood in directorial roles.

“I find that human beings are not fond of change,” she said in the same interview with Couric. “Hollywood still has a ways to go before progress is really made. Parity in Hollywood is going to require that those in power share a little bit of that power. And that requires a partnership with the men in our industry.” 

Besides “Pitch Perfect 3,” Banks has on queue a reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” and the “Red Queen” adaptation. She feels female directors should take the lead in big-budget films especially “to convince the powers that be, the money, that we are capable of spending that money wisely, and turning it around, like I did with ‘Pitch Perfect 2.'” 

“Pitch Perfect 3” is set for release on Aug. 4, 2017, through Universal Pictures.