Pitch Perfect 3 Details Beca and Fat Amy reprising roles, Kay Cannon writing the script, film coming July 2017


Pitches unite! Everyone can now officially brace themselves for Pitch Perfect 3 after Universal Pictures greenlighted the third installment in the surprise hit musical.

According to Pop Sugar, Beca and Fat Amy have confirmed their participation in Pitch Perfect 3 and Kay Cannon has signed on to work on the script. The movie even has a release date of July 21, 2017. Meanwhile, director Elizabeth Banks has confirmed that she will produce the third movie but has not yet confirmed if she will still take on directing duties. .

Anna Kendrick took to Instagram to confirm her participation with a caption: “Happening #3 (sic)”.

Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, put out another energetic tweet about the movie: “I know I spilt the beans a little while ago, but at least now it’s OFFICIAL!! PITCH PERFECT 3, July 21, 2017!!!” she said in a report by Xpose. Due to her excitement about the news, Wilson accidentally confirmed her inclusion in Pitch Perfect 3 via Twitter even before lead actress Anna Kendrick or director Elizabeth Banks were able to make confirmation.

Theories on Kendrick’s upcoming role as Beca Mitchell have been circulating since Universal’s Monday announcement. In the last movie, she was already on her way out with the other graduating Bellas and newbie but talented Emily Junk was on her way in to lead the new batch of Bellas.

Some ideas from MTV include that she may be mentoring the new batch of Bellas, she may form a Das-like new singing group that will be forced to battle with the Bellas in acapella, or she may end up having a good job at Residual Heat and collaborate with the new ones.

All of these are just plot speculations but given her confirmation of contract renewal, it is definitely going to be an interesting discovery as the film air date draws nearer.