'Pillars of Eternity – The White March II' news: DLC to be released by Feb.16; new quests, companion character to be unveiled


Fans waiting for “Pillar of Eternity’s” second expansion “The White March- Part 2” will have to wait a few more weeks for the release of the DLC. However, Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive have made sure to keep gamers hyped by releasing an action packed trailer.

According to a report IGN, the expansion was supposed to come out in late January but has since been pushed back to Feb. 16.

Expectations remain high for the game which has been nominated as IGN’s Game of the Year in 2015 and reached more than half a million worldwide sales last year.

“‘Pillars of Eternity’ effortlessly ensnares you, both by reminding you of the places you’ve been, and by showing you things you didn’t expect. It is not changing the future, but it is repackaging the past in a way that deserves praise while falling into a few old traps–and creating a few of its own–along the way. You can easily dodge these traps, however, and emerge victorious in a world where the gods show you both scorn and favor, and it’s up to you to hew your own path,” Gamespot reviewer Kevin van Ord decreed.

Based on the trailer, “The White March 2” will introduce fresh content to the game and conclude the stories told in “The White March Part 1.”

A report by Digital Times indicated that players will encounter plenty of challenges in the Eastern Reach, which is known to be snowy and treacherous. They will also be given new quests, abilities, and an increased level cap.

“The White March Part 2” will also introduce a companion character named Meneha, who is a barbarian.

“The White March Part 1” received positive feedback from gaming reviewers when it was released in August last year, earning praise for its increased focus on combat and dungeons and its consistency with the game itself.