Persona 5 Release Date: game releasing to PS3 and PS4 around the same time in US and Japan


‘Persona 5’ may still be released this year, according to the latest trailer.

 The trailer, which was reportedly already shown in Japan, gave out the most important and anticipated piece of information, its release date. The video mentioned that the game will be coming to the American continent in 2015, on the platforms PS3 and PS4.

The game, which was earlier thought to be delayed, and the release was estimated to be sometime next year, will be seen in the markets this very year. Although the developers, Atlus have not given any official date or a tentative time period for the release of the game.

The Persona series began in 1996 on the Playstation, and there have been five main games in the series, since: ‘Persona,’ ‘Persona 2: Innocent Sin,’ ‘Persona 2: Eternal Punishment,’ ‘Persona 3,’ and ‘Persona 4.’

 Atlus released the very first ‘Persona 5’ trailer a few months ago, giving some insight into the features of the game, amid all the speculation around on the internet about the details of the gameplay.

The plot of the game seems to focus on a story that is morally gray and the protagonist, a criminal, who seems to have some sort of emotional problems that tie him down throughout the game, according to Master Herald.

New information reveals that the protagonist, who is beginning the school year from Shujin High School at Tokyo, gets into a gang of teenagers who call themselves ‘Phantom Theif.’

Also, according to VG24/7, ‘Persona 5’ will be released almost simultaneously in the United States and Japan. Even though most games face the problem of translation, Altus has somehow found ways to surpass this technical difficulty to make the game available for all audiences.