Persona 5 release date: Anouncement expected at SCEJA; scheduled release before end of 2015 still on track


Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that they will get more information about the game’s release at the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia event on September 15.

According to Design and Trends, fans are expecting Sony to release a new trailer at the event since it was also the venue where the first trailer was released for the game last year.

Based on an English trailer shown at the E3 conference several months ago, Persona 5 revolves around a protagonist who encounters a group of teenagers who hide behind alter egos which they have labeled their “phantom thief” side.

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The main character Arsene, a character with a mask like face and a huge pair of black wings, according to Atlus’ description is expected to have links with other phantom thieves. The motivations behind the actions of the group remains a mystery for now but fans expect future trailers to give more insight to the game.

Atlus has earlier committed that Persona 5, which is one of Sony’s most popular Japanese titles, will be released by 2015 after facing several delays in the development process. It was learned that additional time was needed to port the RPG of the game to PS4 and PS3.

While there may be concerns that the release will be delayed by another year, Atlus USA Public Relations Manager John Hardin denied the rumors and maintained that the game release will be by the end of 2015, as earlier committed.

“I’m working on getting those incorrect listings (of Persona 5’s European version, supposedly shipping in 2016) removed. We are trying to get publishers locked in for our titles in EU and will announce things when they are locked in,” he said in a report by Realty Today.