'Person of Interest' series news: Is the show singing its swan song after season five?


Although CBS president Glen Geller assured the fans that “Person of Interest” season five will be airing this spring, avid viewers of the show cannot be totally happy as speculations that the upcoming season of the show will be its last continue to persist. This prompted the fans of the show to launch a campaign on Change.Org to call on CBS management to drop its rumored plan of cancelling the show.

As of this writing, the Change.Org campaign is supported by more than 27 thousand petitioners. The post calls for support by signing the petition and says that “Person of Interest” is “one of the most unique shows on television” these days such that it has created a throng of followers, not only in America but also in other parts of the world such as China, Turkey, and France. The post further claims that thanks to “Person of Interest’s” uniqueness, it has set the bar for newer TV shows.

“We’ve built great friendships around this show. It entertains us, thrill us, makes us cry and makes us laugh. It gives us LGBT representation and gives us some of the truest representations of a mental disorder. We’ve been fighting to keep this show alive and would love to see another network pick it up, even if it’s just for one more season. Don’t let a show we love so much disappear,” part of the post goes.

Speculations that the upcoming season five of the show will be its last season got even stronger when the show’s lead actor, Michael Emerson, said in an interview with Comic Book Resources that viewers of the show will be treated to a “finale feeling” during the final episode of its fifth season.

“Because we don’t know if it’s the end of ‘Person of Interest’ as we know it or not,” Emerson said.

However, the “finale feeling” is nothing new to the series. According to “Person of Interest” executive producer Greg Plageman, the “feeling” is always present in every season finale of the show.

“And this year will be no different,” he said.

Meanwhile, TV Line revealed that Geller said that “Person of Interest” season five could be considered its last.

“The fans will be very satisfied. Show-runners Greg and Jonah Nolan have made a very compelling arc big, big surprises this season,” he declared.

On the other hand, International Business Times reported that Geller said that he was unsure about the fate of the show after its fifth season, citing that its season five hasn’t even started yet.

If the demise of “Person of Interest” has already been determined, can the petition of the fans lead CBS to having a change of heart or will all their efforts to save the show just end in smoke?