'Person of Interest' season 6 release date, spoilers: Fans petition for new installments


Fans continue to rally for the future of CBS’ hit action-drama “Person of Interest” with some suggesting that either the network pick-up the series for season 6 or develop a potential spin-off in the near future.

One of the show’s followers even created a petition at Change.org to help save their favorite series. It is addressed to several decision makers such as Netflix, WGN, Amazon, ION, The CW, Hulu Plus, NBC and FOX Broadcasting Company.

Some of the cited reasons for any network to pick up the story include its uniqueness, large fan base across the world, and good representation of delicate subjects such as mental health and LGBT. The fans want to keep the show alive including all its original characters Reese (Jim Caviezel), Finch (Michael Emerson), Fusco (Kevin Chapman), Root (Amy Acker), Shaw (Sarah Shahi), and even military dog Bear.

As this point in time, the petition is only short of about 1,400 signatures to complete its 50,000 signatories.

Reports note that season 5, which turned out to be the final installment in the franchise, ended with a cliffhanger. This led fans to hoping that the adventures of Team Machine would not be over yet.

If there is a plan for a spin-off, Cinema Blend shares that a possible backdoor pilot could be related to the D.C. team and the scene in the finale featuring Shaw smiling after getting a call on the payphone.

Creator Jonathan Nolan recently discussed the possibility for more episodes but clarified that the aforementioned part is not particularly a hint, “I think [the smile] is much about hearing Root’s voice. And one of the few regrets I have about the way the finale cuts together is that’s not totally clear.”

“But the clear implication is that that relationship continues in this new form and that the franchise continues. It felt to us not like a naked attempt to try to build a spinoff,” he explained.