'Person of Interest' season 5 news, release date: New season coming in late May; Episode titles leaked?


Now that it has been almost a year since “Person of Interest” aired the final episode of its last season in May 2015, anticipation for the premiere of season 5 is reaching its peak.

The popular CBS sci-fi crime drama was greenlit for a fifth season in spring last year, but with a reduced order of just 13 episodes from the usual full 22-episode season, many are expecting that the next season will be the last. Though the shortened pick-up could indeed signal that “Person of Interest” will be airing its farewell run, there has been no official confirmation from CBS that this is the case.

“We haven’t aired the show yet, and I’m not sure,” CBS president Glenn Geller told reporters at the Televisions Critics Association’s winter press tour in January. “I think [the Season 5 finale] can function as both a season and series finale.”

The CBS boss went on to praise showrunners Greg Plageman and Jonah Nolan’s work on the season 5 storyline, saying that there will be huge surprises in store for fans of the series.

Geller also revealed that the fifth season of the Jim Caviezel-starrer won’t be held for the off-season. “We will air ‘Person of Interest’ this spring,” he said in the same press tour.

With spring approaching and there being no season 5 promotional materials released, “Person of Interest” fans are understandably getting antsy. Nevertheless, TVLine founder and EIC Michael Ausiello recently confirmed that the fifth season will, indeed, premiere in May. According to Ausiello, “I just checked and there’s still no news, which makes me think we’re looking at a late-May launch for the show’s (likely) final season.”

Meanwhile, Crossmap has leaked what may or may not be the official episode titles for “Person of Interest” season 5. According to the outlet, the season 5 episodes are:

Episode 1: B. S. O. D.

Episode 2: SNAFU

Episode 3: Truth Be Told

Episode 4: ShotSeeker

Episode 7: 6,741

Episode 10: The Day the World Went Away

Episode 11: Synecdoche

Episode 12: .exe

Episode 13: Return 0