'Penny Dreadful' season 4 renewal not happening as series wraps up after 3 seasons


After three seasons, British-American show “Penny Dreadful” has finally concluded its run to the surprise of their fans. However, different from other programs that are suddenly cancelled, it was the decision of the series creator John Logan to end their run with Vanessa’s (Eva Green) death. Logan released a statement saying that he had always known that the season 3 finale would be the show’s last installment.

“I created Penny Dreadful to tell the story of a woman grappling with her faith, and with the demons inside her. For me the character of Vanessa Ives is the heart of this series. From the beginning, I imagined her story would unfold over a three-season arc, ending with Vanessa finally and triumphantly finding peace as she returns to her faith,” Logan wrote. The showrunner then expressed his gratitude to all his partners in creating “Penny Dreadful,” as well as the show’s loyal fan base.

In a sit down with TV Line, Showtime president David Nevins admitted that while he didn’t see the series running until season 6 or 7, he thought that there would at least be a couple more years left to “Penny Dreadful.” But when Logan pitched the writing for season 3, he realized that the end would have been inevitable.

“It just felt like the creative elements of this show are dependent on John Logan writing [for the character of] Vanessa Ives, and Eva Green playing Vanessa Ives. And I didn’t want to make the show without the creative elements that made it great,” Nevins explained.

The season 3 ender, which also turned out to be the series finale, has had some subtle hints of its fate along the way. The episode ended with a major character’s death with a title card that read “The End.” While it may have been very straightforward, nobody read into it like it was the show’s way of bowing out from the small screen. It is interesting how Showtime and the people behind “Penny Dreadful” were able to keep this major development under wraps. Furthermore, Logan shares that they decided to gamble keeping the shocker as a secret to preserve the notion of surprise for the viewers instead of a sure spike in viewership ratings.