'Penny Dreadful' season 4 renewal: Fans campaign for renewal


Following the end of its small screen run, viewers of the British-American drama “Penny Dreadful” are still reeling from its supposed sudden end. Given this, a bulk of fans have taken the matter into their own hands with a couple of petitions to revive the series.

A couple of weeks ago, “Penny Dreadful” surprised their fans by announcing that the season 3 finale of the show was also the series’ last episode. Although series creator John Logan has thoroughly explained that he indeed intended for the show to end with the death of Vanessa (Eva Green), a lot of followers just do not buy it.

Two Change.org campaigns have been put up by different individuals with the first one appealing to Netflix to pick up the show. The streaming service has a good history of picking up axed shows and giving them a new home via their service as evidenced by “Longmire.”

“We ask Netflix to buy Penny Dreadful, because of its high quality, original plot and brilliant universe of characters, in order to save it and to produce one or more seasons of the Show,” the explanation of the campaign reads.

The second petition is a lot more extensive than the first. Unlike its predecessor which was written by a single fan, this petition is undersigned by a collective of “Penny Dreadful” loyalists called The Dreadfuls. Aside from airing their grievances, the post also gives out a very detailed offer on the options that might be possible to do should Logan and the rest of the cast decide to resurrect the show.

“We respectfully appeal to you John Logan and to your co-producers to please reconsider and to give life back to Penny Dreadful. We understand the financial and logistical aspects of it so we are not asking more than the three options that we have presented earlier: a limited last season run, a different network pick up or a standalone Penny Dreadful film,” an excerpt from the note says.

The first and second appeals have already more than 10,000 and 1,000 supporters, respectively, granted that they were created just a week apart.

As of now, Logan, Showtime and the rest of the crew behind “Penny Dreadful” have stood by their decision to end the show.