Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak release date news and updates: Pangu to unleash Jailbreak Tool with iOS 10.2 patch ready for next month


Pangu, after a prolonged solitude, has finally broken its silence as it announced that it will release its latest jailbreak tool in December. Pangu only disclosed clues on the release month, although no exact date was given. The team already attempted to crack the firmware for Apple’s iOS 10.2. So here follows the popular hacking group’s clever story of hacking.

The Pangu team of geniuses initiated a jailbreak working on iOS beta 1 which they showcased last July at a Beijing-based security conference called Mosec 2016. However, this was already resolved by Apple during its iOS beta 2 update. After that, rumors spread easily that there will be a delay in Pangu’s jailbreaking release for beta 2 update because of this.

Jailbreaking is not a stroll in the park, given that iOS 10 is considered to be the most secure operating system that Apple has ever built. Pangu did struggle to jailbreak it. In addition, Apple has already solidified iOS 10.2 with more recent updates to firm up their defenses for iOS 10, thus making it tougher for developers or hackers to enter their system.

The timeline of jailbreak led to some clues that lead to a December release. The Pangu team issued the semi-tethered iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak last August. However, this appears to be insignificant for a single work done with 64-bits devices. Then, after achieving that, there has been no single update from the team, and not even a mention of iOS jailbreak. Obviously, Pangu is still anticipating its release.

According to University Herald, a Reddit user encountered a problem in which after downloading a jailbreak tool, he was charged $50 dollars from his PayPal account. A lesson to learn a jailbreak tool tainted with technical glitches can cause serious security issues like malware. Hackers take it only for granted as jailbreak tools are just meant for public consumption.