'Pacific Rim 2' news: Guillermo del Toro presents script, film budget; just waiting for the reply


People who are hungry for more kaiju action in “Pacific Rim” can now be a little happier as the movie sequel takes one step closer to becoming reality. 

Film creator and director Guillermo del Toro announced via his official Twitter account that despite the film having been pushed back to an indefinite release, he still submitted the script for “Pacific Rim 2” and will still be waiting for any word for it. 

“Budget and script went in,” he said. “No answers yet. If anything happens, I will post. If nothing happens, I will just keep rambling.” 

It was previously reported that the said film, which is supposed to have a release date of Aug. 4, 2017, was unfortunately “halted indefinitely.” Hints of cancellation also came out, as alleged sources within Universal Studios claimed that the film “will be pushed back (if it gets made at all).” 

However, del Toro clarified the issue and reassured fans that the sequel film is still going on although it may come a bit later than they have originally expected. 

“It’s still going,” he said in an interview with Screen Rush. “I don’t think it will be my next movie, though. It was postponed.”

While there’s no concrete information as to the story the sequel will take on, del Toro revealed that he and the film team are currently working on designing new Jaegers and kaiju for the movie. It was previously reported that the sequel would take on a closer look and focus at the enemy kaiju.

“We have an epic battle at the end [that] we started designing a couple weeks ago,” del Toro told Yahoo! News

No casting news was revealed as of the moment but Global News reported that the sequel has a working title of “Maelstrom,” and will shoot scenes mostly at the Pinewood Toronto Studios. 

Del Toro is said to be working once more with Travis Beacham for the film’s screenplay, this time also with Zak Penn.