‘Pac-Man Championship Edition 2’ coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

“Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” is coming to Nintendo Switch.
(Youtube/ Bandai Namco Entertainment America)

One of the most iconic titles in gaming history is making its way to Nintendo’s most modern console, as Bandai Namco announced that “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” is arriving to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

The video game publisher announced the news along with a video, which revealed some new features that will arrive with the upcoming release, including a brand new co-op mode.

With “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2,” Nintendo Switch players will be able to play in an Adventure mode, Big Boss Battle, and a Score attack mode. All three game modes include a lot of features that will feel fresh, even for long-time Pac-Man fans.

The multiplayer mode, “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2+,” will allow Switch players to engage in some local multiplayer gameplay using multiple Joy-Con controllers. Players can race against each other to see who can get the highest score.

A brand new cooperative mode is also coming to the Nintendo Switch version of “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2+.” In this mode, players will be assigned an attacking role and an eating role. Players will have to work with each other in order to complete goals and defeat the ghosts.

“Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” and “2+” are modern takes on the classic title, combining the familiar gameplay of Pac-Man with outstanding graphics and some new twists that provide a new and unique experience.

The game is only one of the growing number of ports for Nintendo’s newest gaming console. The console has been gaining a lot of traction since its release earlier this year. As its sales numbers continue to grow, more and more companies will be looking to release their games to the Japanese handheld console.

Previously, “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” was released to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016. “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” is set to be released to Nintendo Switch on February 22, 2018.