'Overwatch' update, news: Sombra finally announced; new map, arcade mode to be added


At the recently concluded BlizzCon event in California, developer Blizzard Entertainment delighted fans with awesome news and updates about their current titles, especially with their online first-person shooter video game, “Overwatch.”

Previous rumors that suggested the inclusion of Sombra were definitely on point as the game developer officially confirmed the arrival of the said character to the tens of thousands of the event’s attendees.

It was said that prior to the character’s reveal over the weekend, spy photos of the new character had already been spotted online. These images depicted the combatant as a female with a fetish for the color purple.

During the “Overwatch” panel, the character’s specialties and unique moves were dished out. It was explained that Sombra has the ability to infiltrate her opponent’s weapon system rendering it useless for an ample amount of time. She can also affect opponents by making their health packs unstable.

However, it was pointed out during the event that the Sombra won’t be inflicting heavy damage towards her enemies. Though her abilities would help significantly, they aren’t expected to be game changers within the gameplay. Sombra is also said to be equipped with a passive ability, Opportunist, which allows her to see enemies whose hit points (HP) are less than 50 percent.

Meanwhile, it was also highlighted that a new map called Ecopoint: Antarctica is bound to be included in the game. During the panel, it was further explained that the new location is where one of the game’s characters, Mei, was found frozen due to an extreme weather occurrence.

Aside from the new multiplayer map, the game’s upcoming arcade mode was also revealed in which game modes will vary on a weekly basis.

With major updates heading towards “Overwatch,” players are advised to keep their eyes peeled for the latest developments regarding these tweaks.