'Overwatch' update: New map features deadly cars; Symmetra rework already available on the PTR


The hit team shooter game “Overwatch” has a new map called Oasis, and currently, it is being tested on the game’s Public Test Region or PTR. Hilariously, players discovered that the cars passing through the map’s highways are able to kill them off.

According to Game Rant, during the 2016 BlizzCon event, the game company Blizzard has announced Sombra, which certainly took the brunt of the fans’ interest. However, aside from her reveal, the company also showcased a new map soon to be added in the game: Oasis. Certainly, the new map has grandiose graphics, being a high-tech city set in the Arabian desert, but players were in for a treat when they discovered that there are parts of the map that can kill them.

Basically, the Oasis map’s highways have cars that can actually kill players. These futuristic vehicles are not there to add another layer of aesthetic quality to the map, but the cars, along with the jump pads scattered around it, can surely lead to some interesting and even hilarious “Overwatch” kills.

Unfortunately, traffic hazards are not the only things players should look out for in Oasis, as the PTR also features a massive rework to the game’s least used hero, Symmetra. Not only does she have two ultimates now, but her standard abilities and her range of fire are improved as well.

According to the iTechPost, the new ultimate, called Photon Barrier, shares a lot of similar traits with Zarya’s barrier shield, allowing Symmetra’s team mates to protect themselves more efficiently. Also, the hero is able to set up six sentry turrets rapidly, as the cooldown delays associated with the ability has been removed. As such, “Overwatch” developers hope that players will use her more.

“Overwatch” is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.