'Overwatch' season 2 brings new skill ratings system, ranked tiers, grouping restrictions, and more


As Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person multiplayer shooter game, “Overwatch,” enters its second season of competitive play, gamers can expect a lot of changes that will balance the gameplay.

The skill rating system has been revised for the second season. Instead of having a 100-point scale similar to the first season’s, player ratings are now measured on a 5000-point scale. This new rating system is supposed to give players a better view of where they sit in the rankings.

There will also be a skill rating decay in play, affecting players with skill ratings above 3000. These players will have to stay active and complete at least one competitive match in seven days or risk losing 50 points every 24 hours out of the action. However, this decline will stop once a competitive match is played and the skill rating will not drop below 3000.

Skill tiers will be introduced this season to break down the skill ratings much further. The seven skill tiers are bronze (11499), silver (15001999), gold (2000 2499), platinum (25002999), diamond (30003499), master (35003999), and grand master (4000 above).

The good news is that once players reach a certain tier, they will not be demoted to a lower tier even if they lose matches.

The new season of play will also have grouping restrictions so that players only get to play with other competitors who have a skill rating difference of 1000 or less. The difference in skill rating will only be less than 500 for the Master and Grandmaster tiers, though. Furthermore, diamond-tiered players cannot compete with players in placement matches.

In season 2 play, players are set to receive 10 points if they win a game, but Golden Weapons now cost 10 times more. This change is made to reward players who played to a draw. A soft cap will be added too, as players cannot collect more than 6,000 points. A “Top 500” list that highlights the top 500 players is also included.

Players who leave matches during competitive play will be meted a 10-minute penalty. This should make rage-quitters think twice before leaving in the middle of a match.

“Overwatch” season 2 is currently ongoing.