'Overwatch' release to PS4 and Xbox One set to arrive on spring, 2016; three new characters revealed


Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the speculation that their upcoming first-person shooting video game “Overwatch” will also become available for additional platforms such as Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Originally intended solely for PC, the developers announced the good news during their two-day BlizzCon event held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, “We’re building Overwatch to be the first-person shooter we’ve always wanted to play, with a vibrant world, awesome heroes, and an emphasis on tightly focused cooperative gameplay. We’re excited to welcome console and PC gamers to the fight for the future,” co-founder and chief executive officer of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime stated.

They also revealed a trailer alongside three new characters which include Genji, a cybernetic ninja who is an expert assassin capable of deflecting attacks using his blade and formidable agility; D.Va, a former professional gaming superstar who builds an experimental military mech in order to protect her country and; Mei, a globe-trotter who applies her scientific expertise in protecting and preserving the natural state of the world and whose climate-manipulating technology has the capability to put enemies on ice.

When it was presented in a closed beta version last month to North America and Europe, players got to experience pitting two squads with six members against each other. The plot tackles a future version of Earth after a worldwide crisis between Omnic robots took place.

The players have the freedom to choose among the characters that have unique roles, equipped with special abilities that are either offense or defense-oriented. The former has higher attack speeds but lower defense mechanism while the latter can reportedly form enemy choke points, support the attacks made by others and even heal injuries. When they die during the gameplay, they can switch to other hero to continue the mission.

Overwatch is slated to arrive in the spring of 2016 across various consoles and can be pre-purchased now for three different packages.

The PC version retails at $39.99 while $59.99 for Origins Edition that include 21 heroes, Noire Skin for Widowmaker, iconic environments and five Origin skins such as Overgrown Bastion, Security Chief Pharah, Strike-Commander Morrison, Blackwatch Reyes, and Slipstream Tracer.

There is also a Collector’s Edition that have all the contents in addition to full-color art book, soundtrack and a 76 Soldier statue.