'Overwatch' becomes most played online game in Korea, beating 'League of Legends'


“Overwatch” hasn’t been out for that long but in that short amount of time, it has already become very popular amongst gamers. The game has reportedly toppled another popular game in the industry, “League of Legends,” after becoming the most played online game in Korea.

As mentioned in Gamespot, “Overwatch” has already become so popular that the fans are incorporating some of the characters of the game to other games as well. There were already “Street Fighter V” skin mods based on the characters of “Overwatch” and the characters have been reimagined as “Pokmon” trainers as well.

In Korea, a lot of gamers are actually playing “Overwatch” more than “League of Legends,” and the game is currently dominating the country’s internet cafes. It is said that the game is being played by 30 percent of the users in the internet cafes. On the other hand, “League of Legends” is played by 27.8 percent of the gamers in said internet cafes.

In other news, one of the popular characters in “Overwatch,” Torbjrn, is getting nerfed. The character has the ability to plant turrets around the stage and the turrets do not need much control since they automatically aim at the enemies and then shoot at them. It is said that the turret’s bullets can really cause heavy damage to opponents. It is said that Torbjrn’s abilities have been ruining some of the fun while playing since players are no match for the character once they come across him.

As such, there will be an update that will be coming soon and it will weaken the damage done by the character by 30 percent. The update will affect PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users but PC will remain unchanged.

The new update is expected to arrive sometime this July, but there is still no exact release date.