'Overwatch' news: Blizzard seeks help for upcoming new title


In order to perfect “Overwatch’s” first-point-shooter (FPS), game developer Blizzard sought help from “Black Ops 3” creator, Treyarch.

Assistant game director, Aaron Keller told TechnoBuffalo, “We actually worked really closely with Treyarch. They gave us a lot of tips for it, and a lot of help with tuning on it.”

He shared that they had already sought assistance from Treyarch when they were first developing “Destiny.” The team wanted to get insights on the content of “World of Warcraft.”

On the other hand, Gamasutra reported that unlike other games which tally the kills a player makes, “Overwatch” focuses on the healing points in the match. In addition, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan shared, “If you go back and look at older versions game, we used to have a scoring system. We iterated endlessly on these scoreboards… but that feels like a give-up moment to us. We want players to be able to look at the scoreboard and go, ‘I know who’s performing really well, and I know who’s not.’ If we just make it about kills and deaths, it doesn’t tell the complete story of who’s doing well and who’s doing not.”

The failure of “Titan,” Blizzard’s project before “Overwatch,” was crucial to the development of the latter. In a sit-down interview with Gamespot, Kaplan shared that after “Titan’s” cancellation, Blizzard retained a small group of people to come up with a game that has not been ventured into yet or something very different.

FPS was incorporated into “Overwatch” because the team had been avid supporters of the gameplay system. Kaplan states that putting FPS into the game allows the player to connect with it easily, having a more realistic feel. Following precedents, Kaplan deemed it as leaning towards a futuristic approach of games.

Fans of FPS will be excited to hear that release date of “Overwatch” is already on May 24.