‘Overwatch’ introduces new support hero, Brigitte

A promotional image for Blizzard's "Overwatch." (Facebook/OverwatchSEA)

The highly acclaimed first-person shooter video game “Overwatch” has released a new hero, adding a new tanky support character to its growing roster of varied heroes.

The new hero, Brigitte Lindholm, is the first non-ranged attack support class hero to be introduced in the game. She is seen as a heavily armored woman sporting a shield and a mace.

In the game, Brigitte focuses on healing her allies, while packing attacks and abilities that balance armor, defense, and health regeneration. The new hero’s basic mace attack has a slight area of effect, with every hit granting a certain amount of heal for nearby allies.

Brigitte can also deploy her shield, allowing her to perform a charge ability that stuns enemies. She can also throw her mace forward, knocking back any opponent that it hits. Her healing skill, called Repair Pack, is a projectile med kit that heals allies if they have been damaged or provides armor if they are at full health. Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, provides her and her team a boost in speed, as well as an armor aura.

Brigitte has been in the background of “Overwatch” for years. She was first introduced as an apprentice to Reinhardt, repairing his armor in the “Dragon Slayer” comic.

Lore-wise, the new hero is the daughter of the mechanically inclined Torbjorn. In a teaser released by Blizzard, Torbjorn begrudgingly named Reinhardt as the godfather of the yet unborn Brigitte after the hammer-wielding hero saved his life.

Brigitte is the first of Torbjorn’s children to show interest in mechanical engineering. “Brigitte spent much of her spare time in her father’s workshop, learning the trade and honing her skills,” said Blizzard. “Her aptitude for engineering mirrored that of her father’s, but Brigitte’s primary interest was in armor fabrication and defensive systems.” This contrasts with the focus of her father, who is world renowned for creating powerful weapons.