'Overwatch' DLC release, rumors: Sombra to be new DLC character?


Is Sombra the next character joining the hit game “Overwatch?”

In the past few days, Blizzard had released a new patch update, as well as new downloadable content (DLC) for their massive hit game “Overwatch.” Along with the new DLC came a possible hint about the next DLC, which was deciphered by dedicated fans of the game.

In a discussion post over at the “Overwatch” subreddit, one fan had noticed that the promotional video for the launch of the Ana DLC and the patch notes for July 19 contained something that the other promotional videos from previous updates did not have. According to the user who noticed it, there was a moment near the end of the video that shows a black screen for a few seconds, followed by a beep and an interference on the video.

As was noted, this has never happened in any of the promotional videos before, which led to the fans digging more into it. After using an online bar code reader and converting the values of the result in binary codes, the binary value for the result was then converted into a QR code the process of which, is detailed in the thread.

Now that the QR code has been created, it will send anyone who scans it a message in Spanish that reads, “Estuvo eso facilito? Ahora que tengo su atencin, djenme se las pongo ms difcil.” In English, the phrase translates to: “Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, let’s make things more difficult.”

While the said message did not provide any specific information, fans have speculated that this might be a hint that the character of Sombra would finally be coming to the game as the next DLC character. Sombra has been the subject of many rumors and fans are expecting her to come to the game as a playable character in a DLC release.

Sombra is a Spanish word that roughly translates to “shadow.” Since the secret message that was decoded was in Spanish, fans were quick to speculate that this might very well be Blizzard’s way of hinting at the arrival of Sombra.