'Overwatch' DLC news: Expansion to be released this October? Sombra to be playable?


Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person shooter video game “Overwatch” has fans itching for new downloadable content (DLC). Word on the street is getting substantial as of late about the addition of more characters in the growing roster of playable combatants in which one worth mentioning is the cloaked Sombra.

The character who is still shrouded in mystery since her introduction in the game is said to be playable in the yet to be announced expansion that is now speculated to be gracing the game anytime this month. Moreover, Sombra may also be accompanied by another character named Athena, who’s also set to join in on the mayhem.

For the unfamiliar, Sombra has been around in the game for quite some time now but has been deemed unplayable. The strange-looking fellow is said to be remotely working outside the walls of the Mexican town of Dorado and is rumored to be highly skilled in keylogging, information gathering, and the like. Moreover, rumor has it is that Sombra had a major involvement in the global hacking incident that took place within the game.

Meanwhile, nothing much has been spilled regarding Athena. However, it is said that the character could just be supporting the actual character used by the player during gameplay which could definitely be a game changer while in battle.

Aside from the rumored characters that will be included in the game, there are talks suggesting that the game developer is currently working on a Halloween-inspired update since the said occasion is just several weeks away. However, the abovementioned rumors still lack official confirmation so fans are advised to take these with several dashes of salt.

Blizzard has remained mum about the upcoming expansion of the multiplayer title. Nonetheless, it is speculated that a new DLC update for “Overwatch” may arrive anytime this month.