‘Overwatch’ Anniversary event set for May 23

A promotional image for the "Overwatch Free Weekend." (Facebook/OverwatchSEA)

The Anniversary event for one of Blizzard Entertainment’s most popular titles has finally been announced.

The gaming company confirmed that the big event aimed at celebrating the first year of “Overwatch” will kick off on May 23. However, Blizzard has not disclosed the details of the event yet. Although, fans can expect to see some new items and upgrades coming for the event. These will include new characters skins, victory poses, and re-skinned maps, among others.

According to a report by Polygon, the Anniversary event will run until June 12. Additionally, fans can expect more details next week. Furthermore, Blizzard will also open a free weekend from May 26 to 29. This means players can download the game for free within that particular weekend. The free weekend period is applicable to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.

Another interesting update that will take place alongside the Anniversary event is the release of “Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition” across all platforms. The game will be packed with 10 bonus Loot Boxes, all bonus content that came with the “Origins Edition,” and five new hero skins.

Players will get to use new skins for Blackwatch Reyes, Strike-Commander Morrison, Slipstream Tracer, Overgrown Bastion, and Security Chief Pharah.

Moreover, the “Game of the Year Edition” will also come with a Baby Winston pet for “World of Warcraft.” It also comes with Mercy’s Wings in “Diablo III,” and Tracer becoming a playable character in “Heroes of the Storm.”

In other “Overwatch” news, Funko Pop revealed its new set of Pocket Pop Keychains featuring characters from the game. These characters are Tracer and Reaper. Funko announced the “Overwatch” keychains together with two counterparts from the “South Park” animated series. The “Overwatch” keychains will come out in July, but the pricing remains unannounced.

Last April, “Overwatch” breached the 30 million mark for registered players globally. The milestone is a testament to the game’s immense success. Twenty-five million players initially registered just this January, and this figure jumped to five million more in just a matter of a few months.