‘Outsiders’ season 2 cast, plot news: Star Gillian Alexy talks about season finale, hopes for series to have season 3

A promotional image for "Outsiders" (Facebook/outsiders2016)

Does the season 2 finale of “Outsiders” mark the end of its story?

Titled “Unbroken Chain,” the episode opened with Big Foster (David Morse) and Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) plotting an attack against One Planet. Meanwhile, the pregnant G’Win (Gillian Alexy) was waiting to give birth.

Hasil (Kyle Gallner) promised to help his clan. Although, he vowed to return to Sally Ann (Christina Jackson), who is also pregnant, once his duty is done. Big Foster sent him to check the location of the military weapons that the mining company has in the mountains.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Wade (Thomas M. Wright) pursued his investigation over the murder of Haylie Grimes. He then followed Meyers and Gordon.

Meyers told Wade that Gordon had been assisting the feds. However, Gordon revealed to the sheriff that he has all the information from Grimes’ computer. He also stated that he informed the feds and One Planet that the mountain clan will attack the mining company’s office.

With the approval from the elders, Big Foster, Lil Foster, Hasil and others went to the mining site to plant dynamites. However, the guards found them and fired at them. Hasil was wounded and Wade, who just arrived, offered to bring Hasil to his home to be treated.

The two Fosters and Phil’up retreated. Big Foster decided to blow up the dam instead. With the help from Elon’s ghost, the dam exploded. The water from the dam flowed down to the mining site, wiping out the weapons.

They went home triumphant, but G’Win did not give the legendary staff to Big instead to Lil Foster, who ended up breaking the staff.

Despite all the exciting stuff happening on the show, WGN America decided to cancel it.

However, speaking with Variety, Alexy stated that the story has not ended yet.

“There’s so much more to explore with these characters in this world,” she explained.

“I’d like to see G’win have her ideology tested. What is something that would push her to her edge? I of course would like to see the relationship with Little develop a bit more and see where that takes us, and the very weird relationship with Big. I’d love to see how that goes as well. And I’d like to see her down in the town, and just see how that would change her world,” she went on to say.