‘Outlander’ season 3 release date, latest news: Filming already underway; Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe getting too close?

A promotional image for the TV drama series "Outlander." (Facebook/OutlanderTVSeries)

Fans of the TV drama series “Outlander” may have to wait a little longer for its third season. Production, however, has already started, which means the countdown has already begun.

Filming for Season 3 has already started. However, some of the stars are experiencing some minor hiccups, according to a report from The Christian Post. There are scenes that are shot on a ship involving. These scenes feature Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, and the show’s author shared that the actor struggled a bit during filming, as he got seasick and nearly vomited for real.

“They have these incredible full-sized ships with hydraulics on set which make them pitch and yaw like real ones. Sam had to throw up for one scene as it’s no spoiler to say that Jamie Fraser gets seasick,” author Diana Gabaldon shared during an interview with The Scottish Sun.

“He was standing there with a page of script in his hand looking more than disheveled, and he said to me he thought he really was going to be sick,” she added.

The crew made the actor hold an egg white mixture in his mouth, which he will spew out when the vomit cue came. The scene, however, took a number of takes to complete, making him feel uneasy.

Meanwhile, a report from Korean Portal said that some noticed Heughan and actress Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Randall, getting too close during the filming. Just Jared confirmed that the two have been exchanging sweet Tweets about not getting enough sleep.

Heughan tweeted “Heard on set: Zzz zzz……”FRASIER”!……zzz zzz z,” teasing the actress that he heard her mentioning his character’s name while she was sleeping. Balfe responded, posting “I’ll see your Zzzzz and raise you ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Furthermore, there were previous rumors that say the two are already in a relationship. Some sources say that they have seen the two holding hands and that Heughan was whispering something to Balfe.

“Outlander” season 3 will premiere in September on Starz.