'Outlander' season 2 updates: New season boasts huge collection of costumes, less bedroom scenes


Season 2 of the American-British time travel and historical television series, “Outlander,” will be returning to the small screen next month, with numerous scoops and rumors pertaining to the show. Last month, the network also released a trailer to give fans a preview of what is coming in the new season.

In the trailer pinned on the show’s Twitter page, it initially reemphasized Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) capability to time travel. After which, they talked about the upcoming war and how they can prevent it. The sneak peek also showed moments between Claire and Jamie (Sam Heugan) especially in anticipation for their child. At the end of the clip, it showed Claire back in a different time and seeing her husband in the 1940s.

Aside from this, the new season showed numerous Parisian costumes that are consolidated in the show’s community website. Late last year, costumer designer Terry Dresbach told Entertainment Weekly that season 2 has acquired additional 5,000 shoes and 10,000 apparels in order to ensure that they capture the era correctly, especially since “France [in the 18th century] was one of the most well-documented periods of fashion in the world.”

As for its storyline, the upcoming season is expected to have less bedroom scenes, said Balfe in an interview with a different Entertainment Weekly report.

She explained, “Last season you very much saw Claire and Jamie fall in love, and that was the story that we were telling, so you saw a lot of their first forays into that part of their relationship.” However, she noted that the new season will narrate their story differently.

Meanwhile, even before the premiere of season 2, there were already rumors about a third season, after Heugan’s comments were mistakenly taken out of context, said Inquisitr.

However, Heugan quickly clarified this io his Twitter page and said, “No. I did NOT confirm season 3 I’m afraid, though we are all hopeful!”

Season 2 of “Outlander” will premiere on Apr. 9 on Starz.