Outlander Season 2: fans can get ultimate collection box for season 1 released; Diana Gabaldon says rape of Jamie was 'an integral part of the plot'


Presumably to help curb the fans’ anticipation for the premiere of the second installment of “Outlander,” Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a promotional video showing Sam Heughan teasing the features included in the show’s “Season One Ultimate Collection” pack.

Heughan seems to come out fresh from filming, dressed as his character Jamie Fraser, as he shows the content in the box including behind-the-scenes tidbits, additional footage from the freshman run and a seemingly secret compartment that has his pictures alongside Claire Randall as Caitriona Balfe depicting some iconic scenes like their wedding and riding a horse.

He stated that his favorite part of the collection is the limited-edition flask which is engraved. He humorously suggests that owners fill it up with their favorite whisky.

Lastly, he added that exclusive music from the soundtrack is also incorporated and he will sign one copy that can be won by one lucky fan by tweeting them with the hashtag “GiftMeOutlander.” The collection currently retails in Amazon at the price tag of $104.99.

Meanwhile, although there is no official list of episodes yet, a number of directors have been confirmed to take on the helm for some parts of season two such as Metin Huseyin, Anna Foerster, Mike Barker and Philip John for episodes nine to 13, Outlander TV news shares.

For the fans who may still be reeling from the rape scene when Black Jack Randall brutally attacked Jamie, author Diana Gabaldon told Radio Times that it is an integral part of the plot, “Well, for one thing it is in no way gratuitous. It occurs as a very integral part of the plot. They filmed those scenes pretty much straight out of the book the scenes in the prison and so forth and in the book it builds, this conflict which is actually a triangle you might say amongst Claire, Jamie and Black Jack Randlall and you see it developing, the dimensions and aspects, through the entire story,” she said.

Season two of Outlander is slated to air sometime in 2016.