Outlander season 2 spoilers, cast news: Brianna still not confirmed; making the costumes is a major effort


Despite rumors that Outlander has finally cast Brianna Randall, the show’s executive producer has maintained that their search for the actress to play the fan favorite character is continuing.

According to Movie News Guide, Executive Producer Maril Davis denied in Twitter that they have already cast the character, who is the daughter of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jaime (Sam Heughan).

In his post, he also advised fans to wait for the official announcement from Starz.

The rumors of a casting choice have been accompanied by footage on Vimeo of actresses acting out a scene from the Diana Gabaldon book series on which the show is based.

Meanwhile, it seems that the show is going all out in terms of costumes for the upcoming season as it reportedly used 6,500 hangers for wardrobe while in production.

According to Outlander costume designer Terry Dresbach, they needed to do a lot of research for the elaborate styles in 18<sup>th century in Paris and Scotland where most of Season 2’s story will take place.

“It’s very refreshing to talk to somebody who actually knows there is a difference between 18th century Scotland and 18th century Paris. You would not believe how many people just go, “you can’t use the same costumes?” I’m like “no, you cannot,” Dresbach said to Scotland Now.

Dresbach added that aside from building the main cast’s wardrobe, they also had to produce costumes for 900 extras from scratch which was a challenge in itself, adding that the process took weeks to complete.

Season 2 will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s book Dragonfly in Amber and will revolve around Claire and Jaime’s struggle to stop the Jacobite rebellion and changing history to prevent the slaughter on Culloden Moor and the destruction of the Highland culture after it.