'Outlander' season 2 news: Show to return sometime in April; to show different, exciting settings in Paris; Jamie, Claire's relationship will be tested


Fans of Starz’ periodical drama “Outlander” may be delighted to find out that the network has finally revealed that the premiere of the second season will be sometime in April.

On a promotional image, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play Jamie and Claire, respectively, can be seen on a passionate hug while they are lying down the couch. The photo has been captioned with the words that read, “Hold on tight.”

A teaser trailer has also been released showing exciting events that await the viewers. “To new a beginning,” says Jamie to which Claire quips with, “To new beginnings” as they kissed on the dock of a shipyard.

In an interview for behind the scenes, executive producer Ronald Moore that when the narrative picks up, the two lead characters will be in France to infiltrate the Jacobite movement. “Claire knows that the Jacobites and the Highlanders were wiped out in the Battle of Cladmoore,” he says.

“We have to stop it, that close to the key players and find a way to stop their plans,” Claire says to Jamie. Heughan also teases that they will put themselves in the high society and in the court of King Louis XV.

When it comes to the change of settings, Moore said that the viewers may be in for a visual treat, “Paris, of course, was the most populous in its era. So entire look of the show is fundamentally different.” Balfe followed with, “Visually, it’s completely different from the last season. It’s a lot of bright colors, a lot of silks, satins.”

Heughan voices out his opinion of their new apartment in the show saying that it looks more like a palace, “It’s a very different world to the marks, and the bloods and the castles of season one.”

However, the new place will not make Jamie and Claire comfortable as it is said to be full of people having roles of being two-faced and double-sided.

“You’re lying to everyone,” Jamie accuses Claire to which she replied with, “You have to remember what’s at stake, the future of Scotland itself.” The second season also shows that the relationship between them will be tested as everything around them changes and the stakes will be higher than ever.