'Outlander' season 2 star Sam Heughan admits being nervous about new season


“Droughtlander” is about to end this weekend as Starz’s hit period show “Outlander” season 2 will finally be back on air with brand new episodes. And while fans are excited to know where the story will go to this time, lead star Sam Heugha,n who plays Jamie, in the show divulged that he and co-star Caitriona Balfe (Claire) are nervous about the upcoming season.

“I was chatting with Caitriona last night, we went for dinner, and we’re sort nervous about series 2 because it’s different,” Heughan spilled to Radio Times.

“It’s the book, y’know, and we have to follow the book. And the first half of series 2 is very much a different world and a different kind of enemy,” he continued, referring to the shift of the TV series from Scotland to Paris where his character Jamie and wife Claire will be trying to change the course of history while also figuring out how to raise their growing family.

While the sophomore installment of the historical drama will be opened with Paris as as its backdrop, Heughan later on revealed that by the second half of the season, the Frasers will eventually be back in Scotland where they would deal with everything they tried to run from by the end of season 1.

The second chapter of the period drama will translate the events of Diana Gabaldon’s book, “Dragonfly in Amber” which is the second installment in the “Outlander” novel series. Much has been talked about the bigger picture of season 2 with the political game that the couple will be delving into, but Heughan also talked about the small world that Jamie and Claire has been slowly building.

“It’s about showing the progression of their relationship, how they discover each other through intimacy. And we’ve continued that in series 2,” the Scottish actor said.”If [series 1] was the honeymoon and the getting to know each other, and young love, then series 2 is going to be the grown up, adult ‘no, it’s not always shiny and pristine.'”

“Outlander” will debut its second season this coming Saturday on Starz.